Exams & Assessments

Examinations are held in the Lecture Hall and are administered by Board of Examiner. All mid-semester examinations and some end of semester assessment is managed by the faculty. Students should ensure that they do not make any travel plans during the end of semester examination period. If you are not available to sit a scheduled examination you may receive a fail grade. Travel plans are not valid grounds for granting a deferred examination.

Examination Timetable

The examination timetable is generally published two weeks before the examination. Please check the academic calendar for more specific key dates.

Centrally scheduled end of semester examinations usually commence Week 14 and usually finish on Saturday. The number of days required to schedule all examinations can vary depending on the number of subjects being examined.

Exams Process 

Students should be familiar with the requirements and obligations relating to examinations. For example, students are not permitted to bring bags into the exams venue, certain written materials and electronic equipment might be prohibited and there are restrictions on when students can be permitted to enter and leave the venue. 

Proof of Identity 

Students should bring their Student ID card to examinations as proof of their identity. Other photographic identification such as a passport or drivers license may be acceptable.

If you do not have any photographic identification you may be allowed to sit the exam, but your results will be withheld. To have your results released you will need to provide evidence of your identity to Student Administration.

Deferred Examinations 

Students may apply for a deferred examination if they are unable to sit for an exam, usually due to medical issues. Applications for Deferred Examinations must be lodged with Student Administration prior to the commencement of the examination or within 48 hours after the examination.


Items Prohibited in the Exam Room 

Do not carry any unauthorised material into an examination. If you are caught with unauthorised material in an examination room you will be charged with cheating. Unauthorised material would include items such as written notes, crib sheets, annotated textbooks. 

Bags or briefcases cannot be brought into the examination room. You should leave your bag at home or put it in a locker at the gym otherwise you will have to leave it outside the room.

Mobile phones are not permitted in the examination room. Turn off your mobile and leave it in your bag. If you take your mobile into the examination, it will be confiscated.

Laptops, programmable calculators, electronic dictionaries and other electronic devices are not permitted in the examination room. If you are found to have an electronic device on you in an examination room you will be charged with cheating.

Release of Results 

Students will be able to view their results on Student Forum after 2 weeks of the examination. If a sanction is preventing you from accessing your results contact the relevant department. For all sanctions contact Student Administration.