Diploma in Commerce

Mode/Study Pattern:
Full Time (Taught)
Duration for completion:
6 semesters, 2 Years


The aim of the Diploma in Commerce (leading to business degree in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, Management, Tourism, Hospitality Management and other business related majors) is to provide students with professional and academic-oriented education which enables them to assume roles in the accounting, finance, marketing, management, tourism and hospitality fields where they can apply their knowledge, techniques and skills.

Students may opt for a Dual-Diploma awarded by our sister college, Stamford Raffles College, Singapore and obtain a Higher Diploma in Business Management certificate.

Module Title:

  1. English for Academic Purpose
  2. Financial Accounting I
  3. Financial Accounting II
  4. Introductory Accounting
  5. Introduction to Computing
  6. Microeconomics
  7. Management Accounting
  8. Business Statistics
  9. Introduction to Management
  10. Introduction to Marketing
  11. Cost Accounting
  12. Introduction to Finance
  13. Business Law
  14. Human Resource Management
  15. Fundamental of Strategic Management
  16. Marketing Management & Policy
  17. Organisational Behaviour
  18. Entrepreneurship
  19. Project