The Professional Accountancy Programme (PAP)

Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance

This is a Professional Accountancy Programme (PAP) endorsed by The Institute of Financial Accountants (UK) for Associate (AFA) Membership admission.

IFA Registration Number: 255283

In an economic environment full of challenges and uncertainty a Bachelor program in Accounting and Finance offers a promising future to our graduates as professionals in the area of accounting and finance and helps them understand academic requirements in order to develop both personally and professionally.

The program provides undergraduate students with the necessary advanced knowledge to work not only as accountants and financial managers but also as independent professionals. 


BCO114     Accounting I

BCO115     Micro Economics

BCO117     IT Software for Business

BCO111     Foundations of Business Management

BCO112     Principal of Marketing

BCO124     Macro Economics

BCO127     English for Business

BCO126     Business Mathematics



AF201     Accounting II

AF202     Numeracy and Statistics

AF204     Cost Accounting

AF205     Management Theory & Practice

AF214     Business Finance

AF215     Business Strategy & Planning

AF211     Introduction to Computing

AF212     Business Organization



AF301     Advanced Financial Accounting

AF302     Auditing

AF303     Cost & Management Accounting

AF304     Financial Reporting & Regulatory Framework

AF305     Taxation

AF314     Financial Analysis (Analysing & Interpretation)

AF316     Advanced Financial Management

LS303      Company Law

PAP300     Business Ethics


Course Structure with effect on 1st May 2015


Professional Recognition:

  • Graduates are eligible to join the following professional bodies without further examinations:
  • The Institute of Financial Accountants (UK) as Associate Financial Accountant (AFA)
  • Institute of Financial Consultants (USA) as Certified Financial Consultant (CFC) 
  • Institute of Accounting Technician (Canada) as Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
  • Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners (CICFP) as Certified Financial Planner (CFP)