Bachelor Of Laws (LLB)

The IPB LL.B programme learning is developed through study materials delivered over the internet Moodle online system with conventional classroom support. Each module has a set of materials, a study schedule and answer guidance available on its own website (an Moodle eLearning Portal site). PowerPoint presentations, notes, updates and useful assessment guidance are also posted on the module sites. You will also have access to legal databases with our ProQuest eBook Central which allows you to read primary legal sources such as legislation and case law, as well as secondary legal sources such as journal articles and commentaries.  

You will be supported throughout your studies by the individual module tutors who teach you, a programme leader, year directors and a dedicated team of support staff. Material which will be relevant to you throughout your studies is available on the programme eLearning Portal site. 

YEAR 1 (30 Credits)

LLAW1009     Law and society (6 credits)

LLAW1001     Law of contract I (6 credits)

LLAW1002     Law of contract II (6 credits)

LLAW1013     Legal research and writing I7 (6 credits)

LLAW1008     The English legal system (6 credits) 


YEAR 2 (30 Credits)

LLAW1005     Law of tort I (6 credits)

LLAW2001     Constitutional law (6 credits)

LLAW2003     Criminal law I (6 credits)

LLAW2013     Land law I (6 credits)

LLAW2017     Legal research and writing II1 (6 credits)


YEAR 3 (30 Credits)

LLAW1006     Law of tort II (6 credits)

LLAW2004     Criminal law II (6 credits)

LLAW2014     Land law II (6 credits)

LLAW2012     Commercial law (6 credits)

LLAW2009     Introduction to Chinese law (6 credits) 


YEAR 4 (30 Credits)

LLAW3001     Introduction to legal theory (6 credits)

LLAW3010     Business associations (6 credits)

LLAW3093     Administrative law (6 credits)

LLAW3094     Equity and trusts (6 credits)

LLAW3187     Mooting and dispute resolution10 (capstone) (6 credits)


Course Structure with effective on 1st September 2014