Bachelor of Arts With Honours in Wedding and Event Management

BA (Hons) in Wedding & Event Planning is an online course and is perfect for you if you want the skills and knowledge to be able to plan all types of events and special occasions; from weddings, showers and christenings, to conferences, meetings, sporting, charity and pop-up events, to festivals, product launches and fashion shows.

This course combines the learnings of our professional knowledge in Wedding Planning & in Event Planning Management, which means if you have a passion for both wedding and event planning, you only need to do this one program.


  • WEM111: English for Academic Purposes
  • WEM112: Foundations of Business Management
  • WEM113: Introduction to Business Communication
  • WEM121: Introduction to Certified Wedding Planner (CWP)
  • WEM122: Introduction to Event Business
  • WEM123: Introduction to Service Management


  • WEM211: Financial Management
  • WEM212: Managing People in Practice
  • WEM213: The Document Resources for CWP
  • WEM221: Client Relationship & Management
  • WEM222: The Fundamental of Proposals
  • WEM223: The Tradition of Wedding Etiquette


  • WEM311: Wedding Planning & Event Management
  • WEM312: Research & Analysis Methods
  • WEM313: An Event Perspective
  • WEM321: The Wedding & Event Design Experience
  • WEM322: Resources Management
  • WEM330: Project Report