Bachelor of Arts With Honours in Psychology

The bachelor of arts (BA) in psychology is designed to provide students with a foundation in the field of psychology. Students will gain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behavior and the psychological theories and concepts which help explain human behavior.

In the Psychology bachelor's degree program, you will benefit from a strong research and clinical component that distinguishes it from therapeutically oriented counseling. You'll explore topics such as:

  • Individual Development
  • Cognition and Memory
  • Neurobiology and the Brain
  • Personality and Abnormal Behavior
  • Group, Social, and Cultural Processes


EN111     English for Academic Purposes

PS111     The Science of Psychology

PS112     Introduction to Developmental Psychology

PS121     Introduction to Individual Difference

PS122     Introduction to Biological Psychology

PS123     Introduction to Psychology and Health



PS211     Brain and Behaviour

PS212     Psychology of Mental Health

PS213     Educational Psychology

PS221     Managerial Psychology

PS222     Counselling Psychology

PS223     Psychology in Contemporary Context



PS311     Personality Psychology

PS312     Cognitive Psychology

PS313     Organisational Psychology

PS321     Social Psychology

PS322     Philosophy of Psychology

PS323     Research Methods of Psychology

FN400     Project Report


Course Structure with effective on 1st September 2014